Light Viking


New Zealand Made Lighting


Light Viking is NZ's specialist letter light supplier, our lights are all made in our Tauranga studio. 

For events, large or intimate, our Alphalights are perfect for when you want to spell it out, in light.  Our extensive event experience means we'll bring our A game every time, from the planning right through to the after event details. 

If you'd like your brand replicated in lights, we're experts at doing that too, and are very proud to have made lighting for Trilogy International, Pfizer, Boundary Road Brewery, Viva, Beervana, most recently, Peroni New Zealand, and many hospitality and event industry suppliers.  Or perhaps signage for your mobile business, or lighting to hire out.

We love light, and we make beautiful lights, and we welcome all commission enquiries.


Light Viking


Established in 2012, by husband and wife team Ian and Darcia, (below with their first commissioned light set, BOOZE, Bad Grannies, Wellington) Light Viking is founded in a true love story.  Light is our thing.

We chose this Marquee style of lighting to begin with, and because we admire traditional hand-worked techniques, we leapt at the chance to fully produce each final result traditionally.  We believe in responsible practices, and local business.


The light quality is another key criteria for us - well made, well considered decorative lighting can be very persuasive, creating ambience, be that ambience energising or romantic - as the occasion requires. 

That is why we choose incandescent bulbs.  The colour sprectrum (an interesting subject) is best represented in the incandescent bulb, which results in a friendlier "eye experience" than other bulb options, and better acheiving energy and romance.  booze marquee light bar wellington bad grannies