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We are specialists at creating one of a kind, bespoke lighting signage.  When considering branding collateral, lighted signs have shown for decades they catch peoples eye...  We're not suggesting being like Las Vegas (although Vegas is awesome!), however, our clients find their lights assist in drawing attention to their brand - for the simple reason is that they are made well, and are very attractive to gaze upon.

The Process of Commissioning Lighting

We start with a conversation - discovering the best fit for your needs... do you want to install it permanently in situ, or perhaps you prefer having an option for them to be mobile also. 

Then, Darcia provides the enquirer with a quote, including concepts discussed, and we can discuss further after acceptance and exchange necessary information (brand profile, images etc).  We do not charge for this service.  After this, we proceed to a sale, finalising the design, a 50% deposit is required to schedule the work, and typically the lighting will be ready in 6-8 weeks, unless a priority delivery is required, and we can discuss pricing for that. 

All lighting is made by hand, using locally sourced components, supporting NZ small business.

Light Viking Makes Lights - we can replicate most fonts, from 50cm in height, prices start at $645 per letter excl GST, complete.

Call or email Darcia now to discuss your unique sign requirements.  Our lights are currently designed for indoor or undercover installation only.

Exclusive Offer: Talk to us about how you can get a "#" included with your custom made signage at no extra charge!  Conditions apply.


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