Got questions? Here's some answers...

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Custom Made Lighting


Q: I want to have some signage made for my business - can you do this?

A: It's one of our two favourite things to do... working with our clients from concept to completion.  Your vision, your fonts, your colours.  We create unique bespoke lighting.  Truly one of a kind.  For information on custom made to order lighting, check here...


Alphalight Hire


Q: How big are the Alphalights?

A: Each letter, symbol or number is 1.2 metres in height, and depending on the character, are typically between 800mm - 1m in width.  You will need 420mm of depth to allow for the bases when set up...

musicians and marquee lights

Q: Are your lights battery operated?

A: No.   Our lights are all made in the traditional marquee light manner and run on normal 240v power.  This ensures reliability and full effect.  We don't take any shortcuts with Lighting it Up...


Q: Do you use LED bulbs?

A: No, we use low wattage tungsten bulbs - at the very beginning of Light Vikings journey, we committed to using tungsten bulbs for the simple reason that they are more attractive to the eye.  There is science behind this (research colour spectrum or CRI) but essentially we went on instinct - because we love light, and we wanted our products to be the best quality light they could be.  For custom creations the client can choose between tungsten or LED bulbs.


Q: Are your Alphalights stable when set up?

A: We take our clients safety very seriously.  Our greatest hope is that you will get only enjoyment from the lights.  Therefore, every light is setup on Light Viking designed bases, which give the Alphalights the best opportunity to shine, keep them upright and stable, and provide piece of mind for safety.


Q: Can the Alphalights be outside for our event?

A: There are a few factors to this answer... site, access to power, weather - we have no problem whatsoever with the lights being setup for the duration of your event in the outdoors... PROVIDED the weather is dry.  The lights are not made for direct exposure to moisture.  If it's fine, or they are being setup undercover, we love to see the lights being utilised where ever your heart desires.


Q: Can we sit on the lights?

A: No.  The lights are a decorative item, and are not designed to withstand additional weight, even a childs weight.  Additionally, as the lights use tungsten bulbs, which are exposed, the bulbs get hot (like a normal lightbulb does).


Q: Can we collect the lights ourselves?

A: Yes.  With enough notice, we can certainly allow our clients to collect the lights.  There are conditions which apply (particularly around transporting the lights), as the lights are valuable and large, but as they are so easy to set up, and so robust, if you want to be DIY, we'll talk you through the options.


Q: Do you really make these lights at Light Viking in NZ?

A: Yes absolutely.  Each light begins as a collection of components - each light fitting is wired by hand, each piece of steel is bent by hand - from initial design or concept through to turning on the switch to use the lights - every single step is completed by Light Viking - apart from our frames for the custom project, which are outsourced to a local engineer.  Light Viking fully supports local business, we know all of our suppliers by name, have worked hard to build healthy win/win relationships with them, and we're very proud of that.